Thursday, 3 March 2016

Transform Your Smile with Invisalign

Feeling uncomfortable with your smile ?
Need gorgeous smile without the silverish look of normal braces? 
Dentique is now back with invisible braces as a solution for all your queries..
What is Invisible Braces?
This is the technique by which we can straighten crooked teeth or fill gaps without traditional braces for adults. The invisalign Braces in Calicut is the most modern method and transparent splints for the upper or lower jaw or both jaws themselves.
How Does it work ?
Invisible braces makes pressure on the teeth and that moves little bit and fill the gaps. Nobody can identify whether you are having braces or not(Clearly Invisible)
Can Aligner straighten the teeth?
Yes, The Custom made series of aligners can make your teeth eventually straighter. Each aligners can make a slight movement in the teeth position, based your specific condition the dentist can help you. Within 2 weeks the teeth are slowly change their current position and make your tooth to fix the next series of braces and continue the teeth straightening procedure.
How long will treatment take?
The length of the treatments depends upon the severity of the treatment case and The period can only be decided by the doctor. In the case of adult orthodontics there is no upper age limit , normally it takes 12 months in adult and the minimum age limit is 14 years.
Is aligner is removable?
Yes, The aligner can be removable according your wish, and there is no difficulty in eat, brush and floss your teeth and can get freedom to live normally with invisible braces.
Is Aligner braces are painful?
It does not cause any kind of pain but slight discomfort may be experienced at the beginning stages of a treatment. The discomfort is the sign that invisalign is working properly and as a result the teeth moves to the destination. The discomfort does not exist for more than 24 hours.
If your teeth need dental assistance this is the point at which you have to approach Dentique. Dr Hiba Ali is an accomplished dental specialist, she is always responsible to giving you the brightest ever smile. Start to transform your smile with invisalign.

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