Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Smile More With Invisible Braces

The idea of wearing braces brings a chill to many. It is not a pleasant thought to have wires and brackets barbed around your tooth. Though done with the intention of correcting wayward, misaligned teeth or to cure an overbite, the initial phase of having metal braces is highly uncomfortable and painful. Smiling and talking become tasks and the social stigma associated with it cannot be taken lightly as well. It puts quite a damper on our confidence.

Invisible braces provides a remedy for all of the above-mentioned issues. It is invisible and hence does not affect our appearance. They do not affect our oral hygiene unlike their metal counterparts. Invisible braces can be considered as a hygienic and cosmetic alternative to metal braces. They are said to safe, clinically proven and efficient cosmetic solution best suited for our lifestyle.  These braces are 100% customizable to follow the contours of our teeth. Three-dimensional imaging technology is used in the creation of these braces.

Invisible braces consists of three popular types. Developed using composite materials, the ceramic or clear braces, are more brittle and weaker than metal brackets. These braces cannot be removed till the completion of treatment. Clear braces are not as strong as their metal counterparts. So, they require more treatment time.

They are popular version of invisible braces. They are nearly invisible, resistant to clouding from wear and minimally invasive. These provide an irritation free treatment as the discomfort is reduced. It is a series of clear, removable aligners custom made for the customer's comfort.  It does not have brackets or wires so the chances of breaking and poking are virtually nil. The length of treatment using invisible braces ranges from 18 to 24 months though it largely depends on the intensity of the problem.

Dentique, a leading dental rehabilitation clinic in Kozhikode, Kerala, India offers quality dental treatment using the latest technologies. They provide effective and efficient orthodontic treatment. For all those who find the thought of metal braces scary, get your clear aligners here.

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